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Resources and ideas

Across the world there is a number of fantastic ideas and concepts in regards to models for disability housing. Below is some suggested reading to learn more about models and research from across the US, UK and Australia.

A great summary on various designs tips and reference to specific paper was developed by the Massachustess Housing Think Tank. Read it here.

Australia’s Summer Foundation also recently released its first publication – Designing for Inclusion and Independence which is a practical resource providing information around the design and specification of high quality accessible housing.

Opening Doors

Research from the Univeristy of Arizona investigating and critiquing the various housing options available to persons living with autism and related disorders. Also discusses the challenge of meeting rising demands.

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Living in the Community

Research from the Kingwood trust in the UK that analyses the importance of design decisions on the long term outcomes and quality of life for tenants living with a disability.

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Living in the Community - Disability Housing

Making Homes that Work

A resource guide with a number of examples of innovative design in renovating existing properties that dramatically improved the quality outcomes of the persons living in them

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