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Where students should look for the cheapest rents in Canberra

Allhomes | Jessica Taulaga, Editorial Producer, 22 January 2020

As orientation weeks roll in at the Australian National University and the University of Canberra in February, students are racing to get a roof over their heads in time for semester one.

Havelock House chief executive has called for the ACT government to provide concessions for land

Canberra Times | Lucy Bladen 21 November 2019

Social and community housing organisations need to be able to access land at below market rates, according to the head of one Canberra's largest providers.

How everyday life inspires Vijaya Sen's art

Canberra Times | Lucy Bladen 28 December 2019

Vijaya Sen carries with her a small notebook, unassuming but once opened it shows a window to the world around us.

Preserving the heritage of Havelock House

RiotACT | Karyn Starmer 27 November 2019

Sleeping in the outdoors with a head cold is probably not the best way to prepare for a job interview but that is how Andrew Rowe spent the night before being interviewed for the role of chief executive officer of Havelock Housing.

Havelock House: One of the last standing original buildings on Northbourne Avenue

Allhomes | Lucy Bladen, Editorial Producer, 26 October 2019

As buildings across Northbourne Avenue have been razed and replaced with flashy developments, Havelock House, built in 1951, stands out as a time-honoured treasure.