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Housing Canberra Affordably:
ACT Election 2020 Assembly Leaders' Forum

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If you want to follow up, or have any questions, please contact:

Andrew Hannan, andrew@chcaustralia.com.au, 0404 861 896

Travis Gilbert, ceo@actshelter.net.au, 0437 166 610

About the event

Housing Canberra Affordably – an investment in people, productivity and public health

ACT Election 2020 Assembly Leaders’ Forum

Yvette Berry MLA, ACT Minister for Housing and Suburban Development 

Mark Parton MLA, ACT Shadow Minister for Housing 

Shane Rattenbury MLA, Leader of the ACT Greens 

They were joined by: Nathan Dal Bon, CEO National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation; Travis Gilbert – CEO ACT Shelter; Andrew Hannan – CHIA ACT Chair; Andrew Rowe – CEO Havelock Housing; and Wendy Middleton – CEO Argyle Housing

Date:     Tuesday 18 August, 3:00pm – 4:30pm

More information:

The arrival of COVID19 has highlighted what affordable housing advocates have long understood.

Public expenditure to create new supply of affordable and social housing is an investment in economic infrastructure delivering a social return.

Many in Canberra were in housing stress before this crisis, and there will be many more in need as it unfolds. A key pressure point is our private rental market. In October, when the moratorium on evictions ends, what will the future hold for Canberrans working fewer hours or no hours at all?

Insecure work plus insecure housing equals an insecure future for too many Canberrans.

This election Canberrans with no housing options in our high-cost, low vacancy rental market – where a small flat costs half the minimum wage and an accessible, livable and visitable home for a person with a disability is almost non-existent.

The Community Housing Industry is ready to respond. CHIA (ACT Region) members have identified four priorities for action next Assembly term.

On 18 August, local providers of social and affordable housing will seek commitments to incentives and investment.

ACT Shelter adopts of a whole of housing system strategic advice and systemic advocacy.  With established networks and relationships with local, national and international experts, we know what the evidence says. Direct investment in social and affordable housing is an investment in people, productivity and public health.

We invite you to join our facilitated discussion on what needs to be done to ensure growth, renewal and viability of affordable and social housing over the life of the next Assembly term and ensure the Territory is best placed to meet the housing needs and aspirations of all Canberrans.