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Federation Room Wi-Fi Setup

Federation Room Havelock House

Step 1.

Locate the projector control panel (picture to the left). Make sure the ‘projector on’ button is clicked, and the VIA pro button is pressed

Step 2. Connect the device you want to present with to the FedRoom wifi. (You will need a passcode from reception)


Step 3. Install the VIA application on your device. It can be found on your local device app ios, android. Or you can go to http://fedroom.prd.havelock.asn.au/ or https://k.kramerav.com/support/downloads.asp to download it directly.

Federation Room Havelock House Via Pro

Step 4.

Run the VIA app. Enter ‘FedRoom’ into the room name, you can use whatever name you like for the Nickname field. You will be asked for a code. This can be found on the projector screen display in the bottom left hand corner

Step 5. You should now be connected/logged in. Select the ‘Present’ option and your device display will now show on the projector


Step 6. When you are finished, simply log off/close the VIA application